Welcome to this course
Hi all, I'm Thang Nguyen (Davis), Tutor in the course: from Mathematics to Machine learning and Deep learning and I really interested to do that. I strongly believe that this course will provide knowledge on machine learning, deep learning and how to apply them in real-life applications.
I would like to know somethings regarding these courses:

Section one: Review
Week Topics Week of Location Time Lecturers
1 Programming in python, numpy, mathplotlib, ...
2 Review of Calculus, Linear Algebra, Probability & Statistics
Section two: Machine learning
Week Topics Week of Location Time Submit Lecturer
1 Linear regression
2 Logistics regression
3 Problems in Machine learning project
4 Neural networks
5 Neural networks (cont.)
7 K-Mean
Section three: Deep learning
Week Topics Week of Location Time Lecturer
1 Deep neural networks
2 CNNs
3 CNNs (cont.)
4 CNNs (cont.)
5 RNNs
6 RNNs (cont.)
Course staff
If you can not make the course staff office hours, send email (or tell me after class) to set up an appointment.
Name Position Email Phone CV
Thang Nguyen (Davis) Lecturer thangdn.tlu at gmail dot com (+84)967-953-735 CV
Hoan Nguyen Lecturer
My Nguyen (Mii) Lecturer
Tu Anh Teaching Assistant
No. Name Authors Publisher
1 Deep learning book Ian Goodfellow and Yoshua Bengio and Aaron Courville MIT
2 Machine learning Andrew Ng Coursera, Stanford
3 Deep learning Specialization Andrew Ng Coursera, Stanford
4 Convex Optimization Boyd and Vandenberghe Cambridge University Press
5 Machine learning co ban Vu Huu Tiep
6 A Beginner’s Tutorial for Machine Learning Beginners Shudong Hao
7 Mathematics for Machine Learning Garrett Thomas
8 VIP cheatsheets for Stanford's CS 229 Machine Learning Afshine Amidi (MIT) and Shervine Amidi (Stanford)
9 VIP cheatsheets for Stanford's CS 230 Deep Learning Afshine Amidi (MIT) and Shervine Amidi (Stanford)
10 Supervised Machine Learning (Lecture notes for the Statistical Machine Learning course) Andreas Lindholm, Niklas Wahlström,Fredrik Lindsten, Thomas B. Schön
11 Machine Learning and Medicine MIT
Students - May 2019
No. Name Email Project
1 Le Van Kien
2 Nguyen Trung Phong
3 Nguyen Huy Tung
4 Nguyen Van Dat
5 Tran Binh Minh
6 Nguyen Tu Dien
7 Bui Duc Toan
8 Nguyen Dinh Huynh
9 Nguyen Huy Hoang
Students - 2018
No. Name Email Project
1 Nguyen Ngoc Hai CT-Scan segmentation
2 Nguyen Van Son
3 Nguyen Chi Cong License plate recognition on highway
4 Bui Tuan Anh Automatic student attendance using face recognition - Tlnet
5 Nguyen Tien Hoang
6 Nguyen Dang Khanh
7 Nguyen Tu Anh
8 Nham Ngoc Tuan Anh Out
9 Lai Thi Phuong Thao Out
10 To Huong Lan Out